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What is Monthly Membership ?

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This monthly membership is way for me to share exclusive video lessons and bonuses with anyone who wants to learn more about the wonderful world of watercolors !

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Watercolors have a reputation for being tricky to learn. You need a fair amount of trial and error, experimentation, and… well… “getting things wrong” before you get to grips with this art medium. When I decided to start sharing some of my watercolor experiences in the form of my blog “Watercolor Affair”, my objective was to ease that struggle for other people.I try to make the process of learning to paint easy, clear, and enjoyable. Painting in watercolor is a skill that anyone can learn through practice and guidance. I aim to help and inspire others to pursue their creative voyage and to make art they can be proud of whatever their level of experience.


What you get when you become a member:


Extended, Full length, narrated painting videos

For each watercolor painting I upload a full length video for artists who like to see every brush stroke and watch the process from start to finish. These in-depth videos are not available anywhere else !


Printable PDF version of the lesson

You can download a handy printable version of each lesson including text and images and illustrations.


Printable PDF worksheet

This includes traceable sketch drawings and reference photos so you have all you need to complete the painting !

About your Teacher

Anthony Roebuck

Hey there ! I'm Anthony. An artist with a passion for watercolors and teaching about creativity. Born and raised in the UK, he now lives near Paris, France. Anthony is a qualified architect and now runs his own architectural illustration business. He's an associate member of the National Watercolor Society and is affiliated with "La Maison des Artistes" - Paris, France. 

Art has always played a big role in his life since childhood. And watercolors has always been his preferred way to paint.

A few years ago he started writing his blog "Watercolor Affair" to start charting some of his watercolor learning experiences. The objective was to start sharing some of his hard won knowledge. The blog has been enjoyed by over a million visitors since it's creation.

Watercolors can be a struggle. So by writing and sharing some of the things he has picked up over the years, the hope is to ease that struggle for other people. The aim of this course is to share the culmination of years of watercolor learning and help fellow artists get better at watercolors...

He's a big fan of green tea and shortcake biscuits !